CP Cloud Hosting, established in 2014, excels in providing a variety of web hosting solutions including Cloud, VPS, Reseller Hosting, and Managed Cloud Servers with Google Cloud and AWS options. Serving over 3000 clients globally, we focus on innovative technology, customer satisfaction, and sustainable practices, along with comprehensive domain services.

In-depth comparison

StackCP vs cPanel Web Hosting

Premier StackCP vs cPanel Web Hosting solutions for agencies, eCommerce, businesses, and freelancers. Experience unmatched speed and reliability with CP Cloud Hosting. Serving since 2014, we offer global hosting services, including Linux, Windows, and WordPress platforms. Enjoy 24×7 expert support, free SSL, CDN, and a user-friendly Website Builder. Trusted by over 2000 businesses and 1000 freelancers worldwide.
Super Fast StackCP & cPanel Web Hosting Provided by CP CLOUD HOSTING
Manage your hosting effortlessly using our intuitive StackCP Control Panel. Packed with modern features and a user-friendly dashboard, it's the industry's best control panel.
Unlimited cPanel Web Hosting Unlimited cPanel Hosting includes everything you need Empower your online presence with CP Cloud Hosting’s cPanel solutions, tailored for ease and efficiency. Our user-friendly cPanel hosting offers one-click installations, free SSL certificates, and regular backups, ensuring your website is secure, fast, and always up-to-date.

Account Preferences

Change the location of your system alert notifications on the screen with the Account Preferences interface.

Address Importer

Import files to create multiple email addresses or forwarders simultaneously using the Address Importer interface.

Addon Domains

Add more domains to your account, each with its own files and appearing as a separate website, using the Addon Domains interface.


Create domain aliases, pointing additional domain names to existing domains, using the Aliases interface.

Analog Stats

View Analog Stats metrics for a simple summary of visitor statistics using the Analog Stats interface.

Apache Handlers

Control how the Apache web server manages certain file types and extensions through the Apache Handlers interface.

API Shell

Run control panel API functions within the interface using the API Shell interface, bearing in mind the potential impact on your server.

Application Manager

Quickly deploy and maintain Phusion Passenger applications with the Application Manager interface.


Save incoming, outgoing, or mailing list emails for a specified period using the Archive interface.


Send automated emails to specific email accounts using the Autoresponders interface.


View AWStats metrics to gain insights into visitor statistics using the AWStats interface.


Back up your website by downloading a zipped copy of your account’s contents, including the home directory, databases, email forwarders, and filters.

Backup Wizard

Follow a step-by-step guide in the Backup Wizard interface to create and manage backups efficiently.


View your site’s monthly and overall bandwidth usage through the Bandwidth interface.


Protect your inbox from spam using the BoxTrapper interface, requiring verification emails from non-whitelisted senders.

Calendars & Contacts

Configure calendars and contact applications using the Calendars and Contacts interface.

Change Language

Choose the language in which the control panel interface displays using the Change Language interface.

Change Style

Select the style in which the control panel interface displays using the Change Style interface.

Configure Greylisting

Manage Greylisting for each domain on your account using the Configure Greylisting interface to defend against spam.