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Migrate From cPanel to StackCP Web Hosting with Zero Downtime

How to Migrate from cPanel to StackCP: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Migrate from cPanel to StackCP: A Comprehensive Guide

With the recent changes in cPanel pricing, many users are considering alternatives to manage their web hosting needs effectively. Migrating from cPanel to StackCP has become a popular choice for its cost-efficiency and robust features. CP Cloud Hosting introduces a streamlined process for this migration, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption. This guide is tailored to help you migrate from cPanel to StackCP seamlessly, leveraging our unique Unused Time Credits offer to maximize your benefits.

Migrate from cPanel to StackCP: Step-by-Step

1. Starting with StackCP

To initiate your migration from cPanel to StackCP, log into your StackCP account. The platform is engineered for an intuitive migration process from cPanel, making it simple and straightforward.

2. Begin the Migration Process

Locate and select the “Start a Migration” option within StackCP. This step is critical as it sets the stage for a successful migration from cPanel to StackCP, guiding you through the process.

3. Select Your Current Hosting Platform

When prompted, choose cPanel as your current hosting platform. This ensures the migration tool is optimized for transferring data from cPanel to StackCP, catering to the specific nuances of your existing setup.

4. Provide Your cPanel Credentials

Enter the required details from your cPanel account – hostname, username, and password. This information is crucial for a seamless migration from cPanel to StackCP, facilitating the transfer of your website data accurately.

5. Receive Migration Completion Confirmation

After the process concludes, you’ll be notified via email that your site has successfully migrated from cPanel to StackCP. This confirmation is an important milestone, indicating your website is now hosted on a more cost-effective platform.

6. Verify the Migration on StackCP

Following the confirmation, verify your website and email services through StackCP’s “Manage Hosting” section. This step ensures everything has been transferred correctly during the migration from cPanel to StackCP.

Important Migration Considerations

DNS Record Transition

It’s important to note that DNS records require manual adjustment post-migration. StackCP will initially configure DNS settings, but additional tweaks may be needed, especially for external email services, to maintain uninterrupted service after you migrate.

Domain Name Migration Options

Updating your domain name settings is a crucial follow-up step. You can transfer your domain to CP Cloud Hosting or update the nameservers to align with your new StackCP hosting.

Special Offer: Unused Time Credits

Maximize Your Hosting Plan’s Value

When you migrate from cPanel to StackCP, take advantage of CP Cloud Hosting’s Unused Time Credits. This offer credits you for any remaining time on your existing cPanel hosting plan, making the decision to migrate to StackCP even more beneficial. Whether you’re moving from cPanel due to the price hike or seeking enhanced hosting features, our Unused Time Credits ensure a cost-effective transition. Contact us for more information.

Completing Your Domain Transfer

To transfer your domain to CP Cloud Hosting, visit the “Transfer a Domain” section in StackCP. This step is streamlined to facilitate a smooth domain transition as part of your migration from cPanel to StackCP.

Updating Nameservers

If keeping your domain registered elsewhere, update the nameservers to StackCP’s specifications. This ensures your domain points to your new hosting without delay.


Migrating from cPanel to StackCP is a strategic move towards cost-effective and efficient web hosting. CP Cloud Hosting’s streamlined migration process and Unused Time Credits offer make the transition smooth and financially advantageous. As you migrate from cPanel to StackCP, remember to back up your data for added security. Welcome to StackCP, where advanced hosting meets affordability.